Welcome to Orchestra!

Are you ready to choose your instrument?

It’s not too late to join orchestra!
You may change your elective choices by contacting your middle school counselor. After doing this, please contact your middle school orchestra director (listed below) to set up an appointment for instrument selection and sizing.

  1. Choose orchestra as an elective in Skyward
  2. Fill out this google form
  3. Click on your school to sign up for an appointment to meet your orchestra teacher, get sized, and get information on instrument rentals. If no times are available, please contact your orchestra director to make an appointment.

Hays (Mrs. Oyedipe – droyedipe@prosper-isd.net)

Reynolds (Ms. Gilbert – lcgilbert@prosper-isd.net)

Rogers (Mr. Gonzalez – jrgonzalez@prosper-isd.net)

Rushing (Mrs. Nguyen – cdnguyen@prosper-isd.net)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Orchestra!

    1. Hello! I apologize that we did not respond to your message earlier. Yes, orchestra is only strings. Band is woodwinds, brass, and percussion.


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