COVID-19 Updates

Here is how COVID-19 will affect orchestra this fall, and how Prosper ISD will keep your students safe.

In Person Instruction:

Below is some preliminary information of what the orchestra class will look like as we wait for the state and governing bodies in music education (UIL & TMEA) to finalize the guidelines for in person instruction:

  • All students and teachers will wear a face covering during instruction. We are lucky in orchestra that this will not affect our playing ability. Please note: Face shields will not work as a face covering as they are not conducive to proper posture. A face mask will be needed instead.
  • Students will sanitize upon entering the classroom and leaving the classroom. 
  • Chairs will be socially distanced as much as possible in the space.
  • Communal supplies such as cleaning rags, rosin, tuners, and pencils will be eliminated. Students must provide their own.
  • Students will have their own instrument, not to be shared by anyone else. Violins and Violas will rent from a music store and bring it to and from school. 
  • Cellos and Basses will keep their rented instrument at home and use a school provided instrument at school if the school has enough instruments so students do not have to share. 
  • Private lessons will be offered during orchestra class in a virtual format. Private lesson teachers will not be allowed on campus until further guidance is provided by the state, UIL, or TMEA. 

Virtual Instruction:

The orchestra directors are currently working on a virtual curriculum as the district is finalizing the plan for virtual instruction. Please know:

  • Orchestra WILL be available for virtual instruction. 
  • Parental involvement will be needed for beginners during lessons as an “in person helper” to ensure students are creating proper posture and developing fundamentals correctly. We are still designing what this will look like.
  • The rigor at home will match the rigor of the in-person classroom. 
  • Cellos and Basses will not be available for rental from the school. You must have an instrument at home from a music store.